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Music From Turtle Island

You Tube

YouTube -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg6d3LUhlbzsdlFa7M9niSA

Music From Turtle Island-Songs For Freedom - TIM 30167

1. Scars of the Soul-Denise Lanceley

2. Neechee Girl-Greg Edmunds

3. Inside of Me- Jay Ross

4. Eyes of A Child-Becky Thomas

5. Seasons of Change- Dory Cook

6. Dance Dance-Phil Boyer

7. My Mistakes-Garrison Parker

8. If I Give My Soul-Elvis Ballantyne

9. Yesterday-Ray Villebrun

10. Wake Up Red-Out of The Blue

11. Our Way of Life-Rez Boyz



Free Download of Songs Composed By Gerry Greyeyes and Performed By Out of the Blue