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Music From Turtle Island

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YouTube -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg6d3LUhlbzsdlFa7M9niSA

Winston Wuttunee- When the Sun Sets Over the World TIM 30066

  1. When The Sun Sets Over The World- Traditional
  2. Wahiyaw Waskamihk- Traditional
  3. Kayas Uspin- Winston Wuttunee
  4. Happy Birthday- Traditional
  5. Powwow Dancer- Winston Wuttunee
  6. My Braids- Winston Wuttunee
  7. Anohte Nehiyaw- Winston Wuttunee/ Osborne Turner
  8. Alphabet Song- Traditional
  9. Indian Alphabet Song- Traditional
  10. Red White And Blue- Traditional
  11. Natures Gifts- Little People Via William Dumas