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One Earth World Fusion Music

by Various Artists

Released 10/19/2017
Turtle Island Music
Released 10/19/2017
Turtle Island Music
When we look at the Earth from space, we see One World, no boundaries, no wars, no difference in belief systems. Just one beautiful; blue and green planet set against the darkness of space. This album is meant to remind us of the greatest gift of all “Life”.
1. When The Sunsets - Oxana Ossiptchouk, Edgar Muenala

2. Sun and Rain- Greg Edmunds

3. A Long Road Home- Oxana Ossiptchouk

4. Sunrise Birds - Oxana Ossiptchouk

5. Around The World- Oxana Ossiptchouk, Edgar Muenala, Becky Thomas

6. Long Ago - Oxana Ossiptchouk, Edgar Muenala , Becky Thomas

7. La Façon Du Pays - Oxana Ossiptchouk

8. Armenia - Vache Pashinyan

9. I Miss Her - Oxana Ossiptchouk

10. Natures Many Gifts – Greg Edmunds, Becky Thomas