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Native American Church of Canada- Meewasin Oma-TIM 30069

Eight Sets of four songs each sung by Kelly Daniels, Darwin Daniels, Elmer Ballantyne, Adonas and Ashley Benson. Most of the songs are in Cree.

Native American Church of Canada- Meewasin Oma Vol # 2-TIM 30079

Eight Sets of four songs each sung by Kelly Daniels, Darwin Daniels, Elmer Ballantyne, Adonas and Ashley Benson. Most of the songs are in Cree.

Meewasin Oma- Vol # 3-TIM 30087

The singers Kelly and Darwin Daniels as well as Ashley and Adonius Benson . We also feature a  special Guest Gilbert Tyner. This album has a good combination of drum, gourd and vocals. The third in the series of Native American Church music from Canada. This volume brings you Adonius Benson, Gilbert Tyner, Kelly Daniels, Darwin Daniels, and Ashley Benson on eight tracks with drumming by Kelly Daniels, Darwin Daniels, and Gilbert Tyner.This CD is a  wonderful compliment to the first two albums.


Gilbert Tyner- Generation 2 Generation_TIM 30090

As a guest on the album Meewasin Oma Volume 3, Gilbert has went on to do his own recording. With songs that date back hundreds of years, Gilbert is the one who is the song carrier of his family. This recording is passing some of those songs on to the next generation. GILBERT TYNER

was Raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Gilbert Tyner is proud to present these songs to you that have been passed on from generation to generation. He will continue to pass this way of life on to the next generation. He is joined by Kelly & Darwin Daniels, Elmer Ballentyne, Jake Tyner & Ashley Benson. There is eight sets and there is four songs on each set.

Meewasin Oma-In loving Memory-TIM 30095

9 Tracks of Four sets of Peyote Songs

Kelly Daniels

Darwin Daniels

Elmer Ballantyne

Gilbert Tyner

Jake Tyner

Waha’canka Wasutesni-TIM 30098

Seven Set of Lakota Peyote Songs sung by Lorenzo Shields and Paul Able Never Miss A Shot.
With this collection of prayer songs it is hoped that listeners will be encouraged spiritually, physically, and mentally. Through prayer we may be able to unite as one - for peace, good will, and fellowship. Interpretation of these songs, and the various times when they are sung during the prayer meeting, are inserted to help educate non-speaking Sioux’s as to the appropriate time to sing them. Seven sets of 4 each

Gilbert Tyner-Generation 2 Generation II -TIM 30102

Gilbert Tyner now has his second album out, which has him singing with Kelly & Darwin Daniels as well his son Jake and Ashley Benson. With 70 minutes of music to listen to this album will be a fan favorite. This album consists of 11 tracks with four songs each.

Meewasin Oma- Morning Praises Unto Our Creator-TIM 30105

Volume 5 in this popular series bring ten more sets of Native American Church

songs presented by Elmer Ballantyne, Kelly Daniels, Darwin Daniels, Lorenzo Shields, and

Ashley & Adonius


Meewasin Oma-Great Spirit Hear Our Prayers TIM 30106

In the sixth volume of N.A.C. Songs from Canada, ten more sets of fours songs each are presented by Ashley Benson, Kelly Daniels, Darwin Daniels, Edmund Poochay, and Skylar Benson.


Gilbert Tyner- Generation 2 Generation 3 TIM 30126

 Gilbert Tyner, Jeff McClellan and Jake Tyner sing 9 sets of Sac & Fox, Comanche and Cree Peyote Songs.

Lans Saupitty- Singing From The Heart-TIM 30135

Lans Saupitty sings in his debut album 7 sets Traditional Comanche Peyote Songs.Lans Saupittypresents seven sets of four Comanche Peyote songs. They include traditional Comanche Peyote Songs, Traditional Comanche Peyote Morning Songs plus others.


Meewasin Oma Greatest Hits TIM 30139

This seventh volume includes ten sets of four songs each presented by Kelly Daniels, Darwin Daniels,Elmer Ballantyne, Gilbert Tyner, and Ashley Benson. Songs include many straight songs, many straight ceremonial songs and many, many more

The Red Road-Peyote Way-TIM 30140

Gilbert Tyner,Kelly Daniel,Darwin Daniels,Jeff McCellan, Lans Saupitty, Edmund Poochay,Lorenzo Shields, Elmer Ballantyne, Adonas Benson, Ashley Benson

Gilbert Tyner-All My Best-TIM 30141

Gilbert Tyner proudly presents this collection of 12 sets of four songs each 

Kelly Daniels- Blessing From A Hummingbird-TIM 30144

Kelly Daniels sings solo and provide 7 sets of Cree Peyote prayer songs