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Music From Turtle Island

You Tube

YouTube -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg6d3LUhlbzsdlFa7M9niSA

Red Bull- Greatest Hits-TIM 30065

  1. Look Out He’s Dancing In- Edmund Bull
  2. Whip Man- Edmund Bull
  3. Dance For Me Again – Irvin Waskewitch
  4. Crow Hop “Looking Beautiful”- Irvin Waskewitch
  5. Everybody Dance- Lawrence Kistotagan
  6. Intertribal 2 - Pat Kennedy
  7. Sneak Up- Irvin Waskewitch
  8. Gathering Of Nations- Irvin Waskewitch
  9. Intertribal- Edmund Bull
  10. Straight 2- Edmund Bull
  11. Go And Have A Good Time At The Powwow- Irvin Waskewitch
  12. Crow Hop “Yippy, Yippy, Yi Yo”- Irvin Waskewitch
  13. Straight Traditional –Edmund Bull
  14. Side Step- Irvin Waskewitch
  15. Straight Traditional- Edmund Bull
  16. We Love To Make You Dance- Edmund Bull