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Music From Turtle Island

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Sweetgrass- Follow The Trial-TIM 30073

  1. Intertribal- D. Paskemin
  2. Traditional- R. Paskemin
  3. Chicken Dance- D. paskemin
  4. Traditional- D. Paskemin
  5. Chicken Dance- R. paskemin
  6. Traditional- D. Paskemin
  7. Contest song- R. Paskemin
  8. Contest song- R. Paskemin
  9. Traditional- R. paskemin
  10. Sneak Up- D. Paskemin
  11. Chicken Dance- G. Favel
  12. Jingledress Side step- D. Paskemin
  13. Southern Shuf E- Red Ceder
  14. Intertribal- B. Morin
  15. Chicken Dance- K. Worme
  16. Honor Song- D. Paskemin