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Music From Turtle Island

You Tube

YouTube -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg6d3LUhlbzsdlFa7M9niSA

Pipestone Creek & Friends- The Round Dance Way-TIM 30061

  1. Loving You- Blair Mountain
  2. Dad’s Special- Floyd Whitestone
  3. We Are One- Ken Waskewitch/ Onion Lake Cowboys Society
  4. Whatever- Vern Chocan
  5. Pipestone Special- Garnet Belly
  6. Rump Shaker- Leon Whitestone
  7. Shake The Booty- Blair Mountain
  8. Cowboy King Special- Ken Waskewitch
  9. Not Even- Melvin Stone
  10. Thousand Miles Of Misery- Melvin Stone
  11. The Fella- Vern Chocan
  12. Memories- Sam Waskahat
  13. Tribute To Sam Waskahat- Austin Mountain
  14. Song Of The Past