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Music From Turtle Island

You Tube

YouTube -- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg6d3LUhlbzsdlFa7M9niSA

Spirit of Mother Earth- Worlds best Pow Wow Songs-TIM 30080

  1. 1. On The Road Again- Ed Bull
  2. Straight- North Bear
  3. FollowThe Trail- Sweetgrass
  4. Up In Here- Star Blanket Jr,s
  5. Old School- Yellowhammer
  6. Northern Style- North buffalo
  7. Greatest Hits- Red Bull
  8. Dream Time- Fly In Eagle
  9. Making Music- Wildhorse
  10. Spirit Of Mother Earth- Oyate
  11. Blackfoot Songs- Painted Horse
  12. Indian Summer- Blacklodge