Turtle Island Music Updates

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  1. Standing Alone/ Buddy Red Bow
  2. Way Of The World/ Chante Pierce
  3. Victory Song/ Chester Night And The Wind
  4. Lies/ Peggy Vermette
  5. Drums/ Red Blaze
  6. Legend Of The Rainbow/ Cheryl Ogram
  7. Warrior’s Song/ Denise Lancely
  8. Freedom’s Flight/ Doug Morin
  9. Old Man Gully/ Willy Dunn
  10. Broken Spirit/ Jani Lauzon
  11. Indian Nations/ Grant Severight
  12. Kehew Wetchin/ Koshanuba

Music From Turtle Island-Contemporary Native American Artists


  1. Spirit Flies
  2. Relatives
  3. Easy Dancin’
  4. There For Us
  5. Who’s To Blame
  6. Changes
  7. Dreams He Had
  8. Only One
  9. True Native Son
  10. Young People

Leonard Adam-Spirit Flies

Fallen Angel-TIM 30157

1. Open You Mind

2. Undead

3. The Descent

4. I Got A Smile

5. Hard 2 Cope

6. In The Old Days

7. I Can’t Complain

8. My Mistakes

 9. Beautiful Girl

10. Slumberland


Fallen Angel

Music From Turtle Island Music- Heart Of The Nations-TIM 30075

1. Spirit Flies- Leonard Adam

2. You’re The One- Edmund Bull

3. Somehow, Somewhere, Someway- Jocelyn Michelle

4.Freedom- Shawn Perry & the only Brave

5.Asking You To Love Me-Curtis Cardinal

6.I Found Her Tonight- Ray Villebrun

7.Through To You- Denise Lancely

8.Sunsets Over The World- Winston Wuttunee

9.Distant Thunder- Jocelyn Michelle

10.Burntwood People- Ray Villebrun& Red Blaze

11.To The Bridge- Greg Edmunds

12.Those Days When- Jay Ross

13.Beyond The Days- Delia Waskewitch


Leonard Adam-Spirit Flies

Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona-Imagery and Dialogue With Our Ancestors-TIM 30104

Music From Turtle Island-Songs For Freedom

1. Scars of the Soul-Denise Lanceley

2. Neechee Girl-Greg Edmunds

3. Inside of Me- Jay Ross

4. Eyes of A Child-Becky Thomas

5. Seasons of Change- Dory Cook

6. Dance Dance-Phil Boyer

7. My Mistakes-Garrison Parker

8. If I Give My Soul-Elvis Ballantyne

9. Yesterday-Ray Villebrun

10. Wake Up Red-Out of The Blue

11. Our Way of Life-Rez Boyz



Free Download of Songs Composed By Gerry Greyeyes and Performed By Out of the Blue