The land known as Turtle Island has been home to many great Nations, each with a deep understanding and connection to Mother Earth. The Indigenous people of Turtle Island have long thrived by utilizing the bountiful resources provided by the land in a way that sustains a healthy and balanced way of life. Their beliefs and values were deeply rooted in a respect for Mother Earth and the Creator of all things, guiding them in all aspects of life. These beliefs and values have been passed down through generations and have served the inhabitants well since the beginning of their time on Turtle Island.

Music has played a vital role in preserving and maintaining the Indigenous way of life on Turtle Island. From birth to death, music has always been an integral part of Indigenous culture, providing songs for every occasion. Turtle Island Music has worked to keep the traditional foundations of Indigenous culture and values alive through the preservation of traditional songs and music. It serves as a means to keep the cultural heritage and beliefs alive, passed down to future generations. These beliefs, which include a unique way of thinking about our relationship with Mother Earth, offer possible answers to many of the challenges we face today. It is crucial to remember that Indigenous culture has been greatly impacted by the policies of European colonialism and it is more important than ever to record and preserve history from an Indigenous perspective. It is a way to honour and respect the rich heritage and culture of the Indigenous people of Turtle Island.

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