Native American Church of Canada- Meewasin Oma

TRACK 1-Kelly Daniels/Jesus pity us, Holy medicine pity us, This medicine is good/Morning Star, Up in the Heavens, Give us Light on this Road of Life/Spirit Fire, This is a Mystical Spirit, Have pity on us/This Morning, Mother Earth is bringing Life, Bless us.

Track 2-Darwin Daniels/Our Father, I ask for your blessing at this Time/Jesus Help us/Holy medicine, Help us/Our Father bless us.

Track 3-Elmer Ballantyne/Birthday Song for my daughter Larissa Jane/Jesus we walk in your Name/Birthday song for my daughter Jacynda Rose/Our Father bless us, Show us our love, we will Thank you Many times 

Track 5-Kelly Daniels/Straight Song/I heard this Medicine is good/Our Creator has pity on us/Our Creator have pity on us the Sponsor Answer His Her prayers 

Track 6-Elmer Ballyntyne/Creator watch over my children/Morning is coming, what a beautiful sunrise, Birds are singing/Our Creator is full of love/Holy medicine is a giver of Life 

Track 7-Darwin Daniels/Creator We call on your help/Mother earth, Pity us/Our Father We thank you/It’s morning, What a wonderful Morning, It Sounds nice.

Track 8 Ashley/ Adonas Benson/Straight Song/Our father, I pray that you bless this morning/Straight Song/Our Earth is Beautiful at this time of morning, Our Father help us, This Medicine is Good

Native American Church of Canada- Meewasin Oma Vol # 2

Track 1. Kelly Daniels/Heavenly- Father look Our way As We Pray/Our Father, Our Loving God/Our father God We Pray/Its Morning, It’s Morning, Our Mother Earth Is Beautiful, It’s Morning, Mother Will Answer Our Prayers 

Track 2. Elmer Ballyntyne/Birthday Song For jolisa/Prayer To The Sun, Morning Time, Come shine Upon Us/Our Loving God Pity Us/Our Father Pity Us, Always Watch Over Our Children. 

Track 3 Darwin Daniels/Our Lord, Our Savior Pity Us/Straight Song/Our Father Pity Us/Our Father We Are Thankful 

Track 4- Ashley Benson/Birthday Song For Kaydens/Straight Song/Our Father, Help Us, This Medicine Is Good/Straight Song 

Track 5- Kelly Daniels/We Pray To You Father, Have Mercy On Us/Straight Song/Straight Song/Our Father Answer Our Prayers And Give Us Good Blessings 

Track 6- Elmer Ballyntyne/Our Father Thanks For Giving Us A Beautiful Morning/Our Father Thanks For Honoring Me A Granddaughter/Holy Medicine, Pity Us/Holy Medicine, Thanks For Life 

Track 7- Darwin Daniels/Our Land Canada/Jesus Pity Us/Our Father We Are Grateful For You/Asking The Spirits To Ask Prayers On Our Behalf To The Creator 

Track 8- Adonas Benson/Straight Song/Our Father, We Are Grateful For You/Straight Song/Help Me, Heavenly Father

Meewasin Oma- Vol # 3-