Turtle Island is the home of numerous Indigenous Nations, who have always had a strong connection to the land and its resources, living in a way that preserves and sustains the natural balance. Their beliefs and values are deeply rooted in respect for Mother Earth and the Creator, guiding their lives and decisions. Music has always been an essential part of their culture, providing songs for every occasion, and serving as a means to preserve their traditions and beliefs for future generations. 

Turtle Island Music is committed to preserving the traditional foundations of Indigenous culture and values through the preservation of traditional songs and music, which embody their unique way of thinking about their relationship with the Earth. By recording and preserving history from an Indigenous perspective, we can honor and respect the rich heritage and culture of the Indigenous people of Turtle Island. It is essential to recognize that Indigenous culture has been impacted by the policies of European colonialism, making it all the more important to preserve history from an Indigenous perspective. 

Incorporating Indigenous beliefs and values into our lives and decision-making processes could provide possible solutions to the challenges we face today. By learning from their history and traditions, we can work towards a more harmonious and balanced relationship with the Earth.

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