Turtle Island Music Updates

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  1. Grand Entry –Eyabay
  2. 3 Amigos- The Boyz
  3. Drum Song- Battle River
  4. Intertribal- Yellowhammer
  5. Thunder Shaker- Fly-In-Eagle
  6. Number 2- Blackstone
  7. Intertribal-Porcupine Singers
  8. Glen Jr.-Rose Hill
  9. Intertribal-Pipestone Singers
  10. Bump-N-Grind-Star Blanket Jr’s
  11. Theme Song-Eye-Hey-Nakoda

Spirit of the Wolf


  1. Grand Entry– The Boyz
  2. Grandfather- Eyabay
  3. Squaw Dance- Battle River
  4. Intertribal- Yellowhammer
  5. Intertribal- Blackstone
  6. Intertribal- Porcupine
  7. Feel The Vibe- Fly-In-Eagle
  8. Fred Smith- Rose Hill
  9. Intertribal- pipestone Creek
  10. Hang Tyme- Star Blanket Jr’s
  11. Eye-Hey-Nakoda Theme song- Eye- Hey- Nakoda


Bear Spirit Worlds Best Pow Wow Songs

Spirit Of A Nation-Worlds Best Round Dance Songs-TIM 30076

  1. Straight- Art Moosamin
  2. Round Dance- Big Bear
  3. You Drive Me Crazy- Sweetgrass
  4. 1000 Miles Of Misery- Pipestone creek
  5. Lard, s Loving Way- Big River Cree
  6. I’ve been All Over- Little Island Cree
  7. Why Don’t You Stay- Edmund bull
  8. Shemitzen- Northern Cree
  9. Oh My Darling- Art Moosamin & The Moosamin Singers
  10. Honor Song- Big River Cree
  11. Round Dance- Wildhorse
  12. Just Don’t like Me Huh- Little Island Cree
  13. Path Of The People- Waneskewan

Spirit of Mother Earth- Worlds best Pow Wow Songs-TIM 30080

  1. 1. On The Road Again- Ed Bull
  2. Straight- North Bear
  3. FollowThe Trail- Sweetgrass
  4. Up In Here- Star Blanket Jr,s
  5. Old School- Yellowhammer
  6. Northern Style- North buffalo
  7. Greatest Hits- Red Bull
  8. Dream Time- Fly In Eagle
  9. Making Music- Wildhorse
  10. Spirit Of Mother Earth- Oyate
  11. Blackfoot Songs- Painted Horse
  12. Indian Summer- Blacklodge


Buffalo Spirit-World Best Pow Wow Songs

  1. White Buffalo Calf Song- Pipestone Creek
  2. Memories- Wandering Spirit
  3. Wahpi Moostooiss- Star Blanket Jrs.
  4. Intertribal- Little Island Cree
  5. Eagle Bustle- Ta-Otha-Spirit
  6. Intertribal- Red Bull
  7. Intertribal- Northern Wind
  8. Mistahay- Blackstone
  9. Come On Over- Fly-In-Eagle
  10. Even Flow- Pass Creek
  11. Rollin Thunder- Pipestone Creek
  12. Drum Song- Wildhorse
  13. End Of The Trail- Edmund Bull

Eagle Spirit-World Best Pow Wow Songs

  1. Grand Entry- Star Blanket Jrs
  2. Good To Sing Again- Little Island Cree
  3. Intertribal- Sweetgrass
  4. Distant Thunder- Ta-Otha-Spirit
  5. Traditional- Red Bull
  6. The Rocker- Pipestone Creek
  7. Giz Gaz- Wildhorse
  8. Straight- Blackstone
  9. Intertribal- Elk Whistle
  10. Y2K- Wandering Spirit
  11. Kinew’s Song- Northern Wind
  12. Rubbing Stone- Waneskewin
  13. Nikumona- Fly-In Eagle
  14. Honor Song- Red Bull