Turtle Island Music Updates

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  1. Angel Growing Old/ Ray Villebrun
  2. Book Of Love/ Ray Villebrun & Kelly Parker
  3. Play It Loud/ Ray Villebrun
  4. Drums/ Ray Villebrun
  5. Here I Go Again/ Gerry Greyeyes
  6. Memories And Daydreams/ Ray Villebrun
  7. When Your Not Here/
  8. Baby Pull Over Ray Villebrun
  9. Lord Have Mercy/ Terry Bjerkness
  10. Chains Of Change/ Ray Villebrun
  11. Still The Eagle Flies/ Ray Villebrun & Kelly Parker

Red Blaze Memories and Daydreams

Edmund Bull- Indian Boy

  1. Beat Of The Drum/ Kelly Parker
  2. Nichimos- Edmund Bull
  3. Powwow Time- Edmund Bull
  4. You’re The One- Edmund Bull
  5. Indian Boy- Edmund Bull
  6. Sleep Baby Sleep- Edmund Bull
  7. Mamas Kats- Edmund Bull
  8. Three Men- Don Swiftwolf
  9. Long Ago An Indian- Winston Wuttunee

Edmund Bull Indian Boy

Curtis Cardinal- No Lies-TIM 30051

  1. Asking You To Love Me
  2. You Won’t Ever Be Lonely-
  3. Every Breath You Take-
  4. Pass Me By
  5. Little By Little
  6. House Of The Rising Sun
  7. I Need You Tonight
  8. Love Will Keep Us Alive
  9. Hey Tonight
  10. No Lies

Curtis Cardinal No Lies

Winston Wuttunee- When the Sun Sets Over the World TIM 30066

  1. When The Sun Sets Over The World- Traditional
  2. Wahiyaw Waskamihk- Traditional
  3. Kayas Uspin- Winston Wuttunee
  4. Happy Birthday- Traditional
  5. Powwow Dancer- Winston Wuttunee
  6. My Braids- Winston Wuttunee
  7. Anohte Nehiyaw- Winston Wuttunee/ Osborne Turner
  8. Alphabet Song- Traditional
  9. Indian Alphabet Song- Traditional
  10. Red White And Blue- Traditional
  11. Natures Gifts- Little People Via William Dumas

Winston Wuttunee When the Sun Sets Over the World

Winston Wuttunee- The Best Of-TIM 30040

  1. See The Arrow- Winston Wuttunee
  2. Ninestosin- Winston Wuttunee
  3. Goosed By A Moose- Bill Klassen
  4. Grandfather- Winston Wuttunee
  5. My Son- Laura Calm Wind
  6. I Cried- Winston Wuttunee
  7. Mussingee- Winston Wuttunee
  8. I Am An Indian- Winston Wuttunee
  9. Bingo Baby Blues- Winston Wuttunee
  10. Musee Cho- Winston Wuttunee

The Best of Winston Wuttunee

Just The Boyz- Shotgun Rider-TIM 30078

  1. Me And The Boyz
  2. Poor Man’s Son
  3. Bad Moon Rising
  4. Life Of Illusion
  5. Shotgun Rider
  6. Black Coffee
  7. The Best Way To Hold A Man
  8. Battleship Chains
  9. Me And My Baby
  10. Sail Away
  11. Long Cool Woman
  12. The Reason
  13. When The Weight Comes Down

Just the Boyz Shotgun Rider

Ray Villebrun & Red Blaze- Been Awhile-TIM 30086

  1. Make Our Mamas Proud- Ray Villebrun
  2. Man That Sits Alone- Ray Villebrun
  3. Main Road- Ray Villebrun
  4. Been Awhile- Ray Villebrun
  5. Life On The Trapline- Ray Villebrun
  6. In My blood- Ray Villebrun
  7. Flowers- Ray Villebrun
  8. Emotions- John Cooke
  9. Yesterday- Ray Villebrun
  10. Can I- Ray Villebrun
  11. Things We Leave Behind- Ray Villebrun
  12. Call For Warriors- Elmer Villebrun & Ray Villebrun

Ray Villebrun and Red Blaze Been Awhile