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 One Earth World Fusion Music

When we look at the Earth from space, we see One World, no boundaries, no wars, no difference in belief systems. Just one beautiful; blue and green planet set against the darkness of space. We are truly lucky that we live here and life is sustainable for now. This album is meant to remind us of the greatest gift of all “Life”. This is such a critical time that we live in, the future of Earth is in all of our in the hands. We all have to take more care and attention to preserving this “One Earth”. 

1. When The Sunsets - Oxana Ossiptchouk, Edgar Muenala 

2. Sun and Rain- Greg Edmunds 

3. A Long Road Home- Oxana Ossiptchouk 

4. Sunrise Birds - Oxana Ossiptchouk 

5. Around The World- Oxana Ossiptchouk, Edgar Muenala, Becky Thomas 

6. Long Ago - Oxana Ossiptchouk, Edgar Muenala , Becky Thomas 

7. La Façon Du Pays - Oxana Ossiptchouk 

8. Armenia - Vache Pashinyan 

9. I Miss Her - Oxana Ossiptchouk 

10. Natures Many Gifts – Greg Edmunds, Becky Thomas