Edmund Bull

After much accomplishment, Edmund returned to traditional pow wow singing and formed the renowned and World Champion "Red Bull" singers which are one of the top singing groups in Indian country.  They are honoured and requested to attend many celebrations to act as host drum.  Accompanied by the Red Bull Singers, Edmund has performed throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.  Highlights added to their career have been an overseas tour to the ‘94 Goodwill Games in Russia, Poland, Finland and Sweden . In 1995 The Red Bull Singers had the honor of performing with  Buffy Sainte-Marie on a song composed by Edmund and Buffy entitled "Darling Don't Cry" . This led to an appearance on the Rita McNeil Show as well as a music video with Sainte-Marie.                        

 As Edmund developed and combining skills as a musician in both traditional and contemporary music, he has created a very unique style and sound.  He sings and composes music with thoughts and feelings to express our way of life as people of Turtle Island.  With a dream to record a contemporary music album, Edmund completed  “Indian Boy” for which he was nominated Best Male Artist 2000 at Aboriginal Music Awards and  was nominated Best Male Artist at the 2001 Native American Music Awards. Edmund was also nominated as Best Male Artist at the 2002 Native American Music Awards for the Album “End of The Trail”. In 2007 he  won Best Male Artist at the Native American Music Awards for his release of “Follow Your Dreams”!